Product Storage & Distribution

The distribution centres that Poupart Imports use, specialise in chilled distribution and cold storage, dealing specifically with the delivery of fresh produce throughout the UK. We have access to a fleet of purpose built refrigerated vehicles at our disposal.

Our distribution centres offer the following

The distribution sites we use offer an unlimited capacity of cold storage and deliver nationwide including Ireland, they also offer a number of benefits:

  1. Focused at wholesale market & food service industry
  2. Extensive industry knowledge
  3. Unique location near to main ports and larger conurbations
  4. Recent investment in facilities
  5. Comprehensive chilled warehousing and distribution network
  6. On site Quality Assurance staff

Our customers

Poupart Imports’ customers, are based entirely in the non-supermarket sector, but enjoy the same quality and efficient service as the supermarkets.

At Poupart Imports, we have established long-term arrangements with our suppliers who allow us to market their brands exclusively in the UK, guaranteeing availability of a consistent supply of high quality fresh produce.